Bar Truffle Appetizer AlbaTruffles

Bar Truffle Appetizer AlbaTruffles

Mix Salse AlbaTruffles

Bar AlbaTruffles - Bar AlbaTruffles is a service dedicated to Italian and International Bars. AlbaTruffles offers Preserved Truffles in different types of Creams and Sauces for the preparation of Aperitifs. AlbaTruffles, knows the needs of the Bar and therefore, is able to offer the best service solutions.

The Products we offer to Bar are:
Conserved Truffles - Creams and Sauces with Truffles (Professional format / Consumer format).

The variety of products for the "Truffle Appetizer": 
Mix of five Truffle Creams - Royal Sauce with Truffle, Truffle Sauce, Cream of Porcini Mushrooms and Truffle, Cream of Cheese and Truffle, Sauce “Sfiziosa” flavoured with Truffle;

Butter and Oil with Truffles;
Other Creams for superfine palates.

The appetizer is generally consumed in the late afternoon, that is between 18 and 20 and becomes almost a meeting rite. A moment of relaxation and leisure, to spend with friends or romantically.

The etymology of the term leaves no doubt: it is defined as an aperitif,
from the Latin aperitivus (which opens), a drink able to stimulate and, therefore, "open" the feeling of hunger. It is no coincidence that, even today, the main drinks we love to drink during aperitif time are mainly bitter, that is characterized by a classic bitter aftertaste!

The History of the Aperitif, as we know it today, began in Turin in 1876 (Piedmont / Italy), where in a small liquor store, it gave rise to what then became the aperitif drink par excellence: the Vermouth, a delicious wine flavored with china.

Almost 150 years have passed, and today the Aperitif is present in all National and International Bars.

In recent years, along with Aperitifs, there are also always paired with Snacks and Canapes (Canapes). The “Tartina” (Canapes) is a small appetizer leaned or spread on slices of bread without crust that are usually first spread with butter and even grilled beforehand. It is usually prepared with care and very decorative in appearance, separated into slices and often eaten in a single bite.

The “Tartine” (Canapes) are prepared on slices of white bread from sandwiches, on toasted bread, on biscuits, in puff pastry or shortcrusters and on any support that is suitable to be presented lying on a plate and cut into pleasing shapes, such as stars, circles or flowers. 

The selected ingredients are placed on top of the support, such as sauces, cold cuts, meat, cheese, fish, caviar or paté, as well as other condiments combined with fantasy.

They can be salty or sweet and are presented on trays. Their main use is in Aperitifs and Buffet. Our Products are a good preparation for the delicious “Tartine” (Canapes).

AlbaTruffles - Langhe / Piedmont / Italy - AlbaTruffles is synonymous with Italian White Alba Truffle. AlbaTruffles is synonymous with Langhe. AlbaTruffles is Truffle of Alba (Piedmont / Italy). The White Truffle of Alba is an Excellence of Italian Gastronomy. / AlbaTruffles - Langhe / Piedmont / Italy - AlbaTruffles è sinonimo di Tartufo Bianco d'Alba Italiano. AlbaTruffles è sinonimo di Langhe. AlbaTruffles è il Tartufo d'Alba (Piemonte / Italia). Il Tartufo Bianco d'Alba è un'Eccellenza della Gastronomia Italiana. / AlbaTruffles - Langhe / Piedmont / Italy - AlbaTruffles是意大利白胡桃松露的代名詞。 AlbaTruffles是朗格的代名詞。 AlbaTruffles是Truffle Alba(皮埃蒙特/意大利)。 阿爾巴的白色松露是意大利美食的精品。/ AlbaTruffles - Langhe / Piedmont / Italy - AlbaTruffles इतालवी व्हाइट अल्बा ट्रफले का पर्याय है। AlbaTruffles Truffle Alba (पाइडमोंट / इटली) है अल्बा के व्हाईट ट्रूफ़्लल इतालवी गैस्ट्रोनोमी का उत्कृष्टता है / AlbaTruffles - Langhe / Piedmont / Italy - AlbaTruffles هي مرادفة للـأبيض الإيطالي Alba Truffle. AlbaTruffles هو مرادف لانغ. AlbaTruffles هو الكمأة من ألبا (بيدمونت / إيطاليا). يعتبر The White Truffle of Alba تميزًا في فن الطهي الإيطالي. / AlbaTruffles - Langhe / Piedmont / Italy - AlbaTruffles es sinónimo de trufa italiana Alba blanca. AlbaTruffles es sinónimo de Langhe. AlbaTruffles es Trufa de Alba (Piamonte / Italia). La trufa blanca de Alba es una excelencia de la gastronomía italiana. / AlbaTruffles - Langhe / Piedmont / Italy - AlbaTruffles является синонимом итальянского White Alba Truffle. AlbaTruffles является синонимом Langhe. AlbaTruffles - это трюфель из Альбы (Пьемонт / Италия). Белый трюфель Альбы - это превосходство итальянской гастрономии. / AlbaTruffles - Langhe / Piedmont / Italy - AlbaTrufas é sinônimo de Trufa Branca Italiana Alba. AlbaTrufas é sinônimo de Langhe. AlbaTruffles é Trufa de Alba (Piemonte / Itália). O White Truffle of Alba é uma excelência da gastronomia italiana. / AlbaTruffles - Langhe / Piedmont / Italy - AlbaTruffles est synonyme de truffe blanche italienne d'Alba. AlbaTruffles est synonyme de Langhe. AlbaTruffles est la Truffe d'Alba (Piémont / Italie). La Truffe Blanche d'Alba est une Excellence de la Gastronomie Italienne. / AlbaTruffles - Langhe / Piedmont / Italy - AlbaTruffles steht für italienischen weißen Alba Trüffel. AlbaTruffles ist ein Synonym für Langhe. AlbaTruffles ist Trüffel von Alba (Piemont / Italien). Der weiße Trüffel von Alba ist eine Exzellenz der italienischen Gastronomie. / AlbaTruffles - Langhe / Piedmont / Italy - AlbaTrufflesはイタリアのWhite Alba Truffleと同義です。 AlbaTrufflesはLangheと同義語です。 AlbaTrufflesはAlbaのTruffle(Piedmont / Italy)です。 アルバのホワイトトリュフはイタリア料理の優秀さです。/ AlbaTruffles - Langhe / Piedmont / Italy - AlbaTruffles, İtalyan Beyaz Alba Truffle ile eş anlamlıdır. AlbaTruffles, Langhe ile eş anlamlıdır. AlbaTruffles, Alba'nın (Piedmont / İtalya) Truffle'idir. Alba'nın Beyaz Truffle, İtalyan Gastronomi Mükemmelliği. / AlbaTruffles - Langhe / Piedmont / Italy - AlbaTruffles is sinoniem met Italiaanse Wit Alba Truffel. AlbaTruffles is sinoniem met Langhe. AlbaTruffles is Truffel van Alba (Piemonte / Italië). Die Witte Truffel van Alba is 'n Uitnemendheid van Italiaanse Gastronomie. / AlbaTruffles - Langhe / Piedmont / Italy - AlbaTruffles е синоним на италиански White White Truffle. AlbaTruffles е синоним на Langhe. AlbaTruffles е Трюфелът на Алба (Пиемонт / Италия). Бял трюфел на Алба е отлично качество на италианската гастрономия. / AlbaTruffles - Langhe / Piedmont / Italy - AlbaTruffles je synonymem italské bílé Alba Truffle. AlbaTruffles je synonymem Langhe. AlbaTruffles je lanýž Alba (Piemonte / Itálie). Bílá hříva z Alba je vynikající italskou gastronomií. / AlbaTruffles - Langhe / Piedmont / Italy - AlbaTruffles는 이탈리아 백색 알바 송로 버섯과 동의어입니다. AlbaTruffles는 Langhe와 동의어입니다. AlbaTruffles는 Alba (Piedmont / Italy)의 트러플입니다. 알바의 화이트 트러플은 이탈리아 요리법의 우수성입니다. / AlbaTruffles - Langhe / Piedmont / Italy - AlbaTruffles sinonim je talijanskim White Alba tartufom. AlbaTruffles je sinonim za Langhe. AlbaTruffles je tartuf Alba (Pijemont / Italija). Bijeli tartuf Albe izvrsnost je talijanske gastronomije. / AlbaTruffles - Langhe / Piedmont / Italy - AlbaTruffles er synonymt med italiensk hvid Alba Truffle. AlbaTruffles er synonymt med Langhe. AlbaTruffles er trøffel af Alba (Piemonte / Italien). Den hvide trøffel i Alba er en fremragende italiensk gastronomi. / AlbaTruffles - Langhe / Piedmont / Italy - AlbaTruffles on synonyymi Italian White Alba -juustorille. AlbaTruffles on synonyymi Langhelle. AlbaTruffles on Alba-tryffeli (Piemonte / Italia). Alban valkoinen tryffeli on italialaisen gastronomian huippuosaamista. / AlbaTruffles - Langhe / Piedmont / Italy - AlbaTruffles είναι συνώνυμο της ιταλικής White Alba Truffle. Το AlbaTruffles είναι συνώνυμο του Langhe. Το AlbaTruffles είναι η Τρούφα της Αλμπας (Πεδεμόντιο / Ιταλία). Η Λευκή Τρούφα της Αλμπας είναι μια Αριστεία της Ιταλικής Γαστρονομίας. / AlbaTruffles - Langhe / Piedmont / Italy - tá AlbaTruffles sainmhínithe le Truffle na hAlban White Alba. Tá AlbaTruffles comhchiallach le Langhe. Is é AlbaTruffles Truffle of Alba (Piamonte / an Iodáil). Tá Feabhas Bán na hAlban ina Feabhas ar Gastronomy na hIodáile. / AlbaTruffles - Langhe / Piedmont / Italy - AlbaTruffles er samheiti við ítalska hvíta Alba truffle. AlbaTruffles er samheiti við Langhe. AlbaTruffles er Truffle of Alba (Piedmont / Ítalía). Hvíta jarðsveppinn í Alba er ágæti ítalska matar. / AlbaTruffles - Langhe / Piedmont / Italy - AlbaTruffles ir sinonīms Itālijas baltajam Alba trifelei. AlbaTruffles ir Langhe sinonīms. AlbaTruffles ir Alba trifele (Pjemonta / Itālija). Alba baltais trifelis ir Itālijas gastronomijas izcilība. / AlbaTruffles - Langhe / Piedmont / Italy - "AlbaTruffles" yra sintetinis Italijos "White Alba" trumai. AlbaTruffles yra Langhe sinonimas. "AlbaTruffles" - Alba triufelis (Pjemontas / Italija). "Alba" baltas triufelis yra italų virtuvės patiekališkumas. / AlbaTruffles - Langhe / Piedmont / Italy - AlbaTruffles er synonymt med italiensk hvit Alba Truffle. AlbaTruffles er synonymt med Langhe. AlbaTruffles er trøffel av Alba (Piemonte / Italia). Den hvite trøffel av Alba er en eksepsjonell italiensk gastronomi. / AlbaTruffles - Langhe / Piedmont / Italy - AlbaTruffles is een synoniem voor de Italiaanse White Alba Truffle. AlbaTruffles is synoniem met Langhe. AlbaTruffles is Truffle of Alba (Piemonte / Italië). De witte truffel van Alba is een voortreffelijkheid van de Italiaanse gastronomie. / AlbaTruffles - Langhe / Piedmont / Italy - AlbaTruffles jest synonimem włoskiego White Alba Truffle. AlbaTruffles jest synonimem Langhe. AlbaTruffles to trufla Alba (Piemont / Włochy). White Truffle of Alba to doskonałość włoskiej gastronomii. / Alba White Truffle is the Excellence of Italian Gastronomy. As rare as it is fragrant, this little tuber is able to trigger "strong emotions" born in the Hills of the Langhe, Monferrato and Roero. We have been marketing the truffles of our territory for over 30 years. Become our Importer / Distributor. Contact us. AlbaTruffles is addressed to Sector Professionals: Importers and Distributors, Gourmet Retailers, Restaurants, Bars and related Categories. The Products we sell are: Fresh Truffles - White Truffle of Alba, Black Truffle Fine and Black Summer Truffle; Conserved Truffles - Creams and Sauces with Truffles for Restaurants (Professional format), Bar (Professional format / Consumer format), Gormet retailers (Consumer format); Fresh and Preserved Truffles - forprocessing other uses (see eg processing of fresh cheeses). The varieties of the Truffles: White Truffle of Alba (scientific name TUBER MAGNATUM PICO) is considered the most prestigious Truffle par Excellence. Black Summer Truffle has a specific flavor, and its aromatic scent makes it highly appreciated in the Kitchen. Black Truffle Fine (Tuber Melanosporum Vitt.) is probably the most used truffle in the various International Cuisines. The Price of White Truffle of Alba: The price of "Alba Fresh Truffles" is predominantly characterized by three factors: the Territory, Climatic Conditions and the Market. The White Truffle Territory is seasonal and is closely linked to Climatic Conditions that can clearly vary from year to year, thus affecting growth, ripening and quantity offered by Nature. The White Truffle of Alba can not be cultivated and is considered a real environmental sentinel, it does not tolerate pollution, herbicides and chemical fertilizers, so it comes from uncontaminated areas, and has the merit of presiding over them and helping to defend them. These aspects, determine the Market and its Quotations of "Alba Fresh Truffles". The Territory of the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato: Langhe, Roero and Monferrato are officially included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Langhe is a territory of Piedmont located between the provinces of Cuneo and Asti, and borders the Monferrato and the Roero. The Bassa Langa has a typically Poan climate, although tempered in the maximum temperatures on the mountains. In the Alta Langa the climate can be defined as Appenine with influences from the Po valley. Summers are generally cooler and more ventilated than in Bassa Langa (July average around 20 ° C on the mountains); the winters are cold in the valleys (they are frequent minimum of -5 / -10 ° C also in the hinterland of Savona) and milder on the hills (average of the minimum around 0 ° C). Thermal inversions are very frequent due to the difference in insolation. The Roero is all located on the left bank of the Tanaro river. Beyond this river, on the right bank of the river, the Langhe territory begins. Therefore the Tanaro river forms the border between Roero and Langhe. Monferrato is a territory of Piedmont and is almost exclusively of hilly nature. The composition is mainly within the provinces of Alessandria and Asti, and extends southwards starting from the hydrographic right of the Po to reach the foot of the Ligurian Apennines.